JDM CARS Today May. 2022

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JDM CAR Market conditions from Japan-

Used car market today

Japanese used car market  continues to be high.

Most popular car is Manual shift car (sports cars) and 4WD,cars whose delivery date for new car sales is delayed due to lack of semiconductors, etc.

80's-2000's Manual shift car (sports cars)  R32-R34SKYLINE,S13-S15,RX-7,JZX100,supra,AE86,HONDA(vtec engine Type-R),S2000,SUBARU(WRX,STI),MITSUBISHI (LANCER Evolution)and more.. LAND CRUISER 300,

car sells site-

R34 SKYLINE GT-R (105,000USD-427,816USD  137,770USD avg.)

R33 SKYLINE GT-R (38,736USD-124,377USD  52,216USD avg.)

R32 SKYLINE GT-R (36,169USD-124,377USD  50,653USD avg.)

FD3S  (20,924USD-109,839USD  35,975USD avg.)

S2000  (12,834USD-85,563USD  28,072USD avg.)

LAND CRUISER 300(112,787USD-232,498USD  127,582USD avg.)(

just a little cars)

(Rate 1.00USD 129JPY)

All cars are no longer on sale, so it's very expensive and definitely rising. The prices of sports cars are steadily rising except for major models. And motorcycle too ...


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