JDM CARS Today Jun. 2022

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JDM CAR Market conditions from Japan-

Used car market today


Japanese used car market  continues to be high. but a little lower.(3%)

Most popular car is Manual shift car (sports cars) and 4WD,cars whose delivery date for new car sales is delayed due to lack of semiconductors, etc.

80's-2000's Manual shift car (sports cars)  R32-R34SKYLINE,S13-S15,RX-7,JZX100,supra,AE86,HONDA(Vtec engine TypeR),S2000,SUBARU(WRX,STI),MITSUBISHI (LANCER Evolution)and more.. LAND CRUISER 300,

car sells site-

R34 SKYLINE GT-R (95,0585USD-407,535USD  135,375USD avg.)  

R33 SKYLINE GT-R (37,715USD-118,481USD  51,564USD avg.)  

R32 SKYLINE GT-R (37,715USD-118,481USD  48,867USD avg.)  

FD3S  (19,932USD-163,014USD  34,262USD avg.)  

S2000  (12,226USD-81,507USD  27,023USD avg.)  

LAND CRUISER 300(112,112USD-175,195USD  134,590USD avg.)(

just a little cars)  →

(Rate 1.00USD 135JPY)

Overall it fell by about 3%.

All cars are no longer on sale, so it's very expensive and definitely rising. The prices of sports cars are steadily rising except for major models. And motorcycle too ...


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